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Future Living with Sharing Economy

It is rare for me to give the same talk three times within the same day. It was one of those rare occasions last week at Media Evolution. We had the opportunity to talk to a large crowd regarding Future Living from the perspectives of Design, Tech and Sustainable Society. It was truly a fun talk with my colleague Johanna Tunlid who is our Sustainability Manager at Above.

We covered a wide spectrum of topics that are in tangent with our topic but keeping true to the future challenges ahead with a growing world population. Automation - one of the hottest topics right now - was one of the pivotal focal points. Have you ever been in an automated vehicle? How about an elevator? It is not a very known fact that society had a hard time adjusting to "driverless elevators".

We also covered many other subjects such as urban farming, sustainable living and technology. Why do we cluster together as human beings? You can clearly see this tendency from the gorgeous photos taken from ISS. How does the future cities look like? Are they still going to resemble hub-and-spoke patterns if none of us have to actually "go" to work?

Another interesting sub-topic is crypto-currencies. In the afternoon session, we were addressing all of the regional colleagues of Swedbank. One of the largest banks in the Nordics. We maybe scared them a little bit with the provocative question of "What if Uber starts their own bank?".

The noon session was for our colleagues at Above Malmö who all showed great interest to all the discussion points and made sure that we got a great round of applause. All in all it was a fantastic day with lots of stimulating dialogue and future connections. Thanks Media Evolution for the opportunity and amazing food also!