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A Small but Important Design Competition

I have the honor of being invited to a number of events which gives me the chance to sample the world of design from a variety of perspectives.  

This time I am off to Turkey with my friend and manager Casper Asmussen to attend a jury meeting for a small but important design competition.  

This decidedly small-scale but well-organized event is gaining popularity not only for its mission but also its perspective. First of all, it is organized by IMMIB, an organization that brings together exporters of Metal and Plastic goods from all over Turkey. It is a non-profit that is aiming to increase original innovation and exports of such goods.  

The second aspect that is quite novel is that every year the organizers spend energy, time and financial resources to produce the prototypes of the winning products and support winning students with scholarships. In a country like Turkey - where the young population outnumbers the aging population by several folds - there is an abundance of talent. But unlike the Western world, not many have access to extensive resources or help for prototyping and funding. 

We are hoping to contribute - in our own way - to the mission of IMMIB in making Turkish young designers compete in the world league. We hope to see some familiar faces and meet new ones in the process, too. 

More to come in the HOWL Blog soon.