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5 Things You Should Know About Mac OS

Many of us have had our fair share of frustration with our Macs. I usually don't do this but... As somebody whose workday is spent mostly in front of a shiny monitor, here are some things that I find useful:

1- "Save as..." did not go anywhere. 

Sad much? Where is the ability to save a new version of a file without keeping the changes on the original file? That moment when you realize you have been tinkering with your manager's keynote a bit too much. Instead of duplicating the file and reverting the changes on the original one, you can simply open the File menu, and press ALT(OPTION). Voila! The good old "Save As" is waiting for you there - loyal as ever. 

2- Maximize without all the drama...

Upgraded to Yosemite yet? As beautiful as it's wallpaper is, this version also comes with a quirk that can be ironed out. The familiar green plus sign on top of windows are replaced by a full screen icon. That is disappointing to those of us who don't think these two things are interchangeable. But worry not. Your humble servant ALT comes to the rescue. Just press ALT and the new full-screen button turns into a maximize button. A bit lazy? Just double tap on the application's title bar. There you go.

3- Open a folder in a new window...

Ever wanted to have a finder folder opened in a separate tab instead of the same window? This is quite easy. All you have to do is keep a steady pressure on CMD key while double-clicking on the folder like usual. Huh. That simple. 

4- Where is my file?...

By now you might have understood that modifier keys (ALT, CMD, SHIFT and even CTRL) help us out quite a bit. Ever wondered where an open file actually is stored? There is a special trick with the file name field on top of every main app window. If you click on the file name with CMD pressed down, you will actually see the whole directory structure the file is currently in. You can do the same trick by right-clicking the name. Neat. 

5- Going one directory up...

This might be something that you might have wondered if you moved from Windows to Mac after puberty, like me. How do I go one directory up when I am in a finder window? This might be easy if you use the pane view but in other views? Worry not. By right clicking the field where the name of the current folder is, you will see the whole structure and from there you can go to any parent folder you wish. Alternatively, you might press CMD+UP ARROW to go the parent directory. 

In general, it might help experimenting with the modifier keys in finder and other applications. Happy tinkering.