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Thinking It Through

One of the things I am fascinated with is the creative process. That’s why I really wanted to know what happens when you design something without really thinking. This became an experiment around going through the design process in reverse.

Mind you that, this approach is very different from my usual professional one and a bit painful for me. So I thought, “why not just jump in?” So I started off by creating a pen within 20 minutes. I modeled something in Alias, uploaded to Shapeways and just forgot about it.

Receiving the package was relatively pleasant, since I had no expectations whatsoever. I inserted a ballpoint cartridge. It was easy to hold and write with. Even when sketching, it was a good pen.

After I tried it out for a month or so, it was very obvious that it needed a cap. I designed (more like modeled) a cap in less than 15 minutes. It took me longer to find a magnet that fitted the thickness of the pen.

The cap is nice but does not fit perfectly

The cap is nice but does not fit perfectly

So far, I am not content with the what I have. The cap does not align itself with the pen properly to begin with. I guessed that this might happen but I tried not to care. The slanted cut was probably my subconscious effort in preventing this. But that is a small part of the problem.

The big one is that there is no way of attaching or clipping this pen to my Moleskine notebook.

A professor once told me: “design is planning”. Even though I think this is a very one-dimensional way of thinking about design, I can’t help but admit that the lack of planning is painful in design – even as an experiment.

It is interesting to understand the complexity of a simple thing, but in small portions. Stay tuned as I try to find a way to attach this pen to my notebook.

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